How to download warcraft 3 after buying reforged

how to download warcraft 3 after buying reforged

The Wowhead Client is a little application we use to keep our database up to date, and to provide you with some nifty extra functionality on the website! You can also use it to keep akila akila song download of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! This site makes extensive hkw of JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser. Live PTR. Classic TBC. Comments Comment by thebrassthief Best tank weapon, best Fury MH weapon, not a bad Rogue weapon but you could do better.
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    Timeline (World of Warcraft) - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft

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    I think part of the problem was the time of day I was playing. Comment by In the the latest patch 2. Comment by I was after and comparing tanking weapons in the last refrged a lot because I really wanted how know how much how the newest changes on my loved legendary sword have.

    I don't want to talk about tanking multiple trash mobs in Karazhan ore elsewhere it's just not worth it. Thunderfury is still the after powerful high-end encounter tanking weapon out there after 2. Gruul, Prince phase 2. The raid has has to deal with a remarkable lower amount of damage on the tank and consequently there is less healing needed.

    This debuff is the reason why warriors of the top guilds like Nihilum or DnT still use this weapon Comment by I am offhanding TF on my combat rogue and while yes the 1. How, a rogue with it being there alleviates the tank from having to spend rage on keeping TC up.

    This essentially means the proc turns a warrior's 3. It is too bad it doesn't increase spell cast time as well, but that's what mind numbing poison is for :-P As a rogue, I've found that TF is most versitile, useful, and just plain coolest weapon a rogue could have. It's sad buyying because of TF's overpowered tanking factor that most of them went to warriors.

    Since the addition of new, high dps tanking weapons, the threat nerf to TF, and the change to thunderclap usable in defensive stance nowchances are you will see less and less warriors using this weapon. It is still a very good rogue weapon though I'd laugh if one of my Rogues suggested we farm one or two of these up.

    My interest in TF is only renewed by a supposed questline to upgrade it; I firmly believe this is total bull, but the possibility is still mildly tantalizing. I still doubt it'll be worth farming one up. Comment by How do guilds working on new content have "a couple of hours" to farm two legendary drops that have exceptionally low drop rates?

    But if you're serious about progressing, farming MC downlod BWL for the warcrafy required seems a massive waste of time when you could be progressing just fine without the legendary item yielded by doing so. Comment by The operative word here is "lucky". Comment by Try and silence me. No weapon generates more threat for a Prot Warrior, but getting it still proves to be a pain in the ass even at level The time invested may or warcraft not be worth it; it's up to how dedicated you and yours are to getting one of these bad boys made.

    Comment by sherretz Reforged in mind that even Nihilum; arguably tops in the World for progression raiding; is still using TFs. Two of their BT raiders have them. That alone tells me that working for this weapon is still worth it, since nothing yet warcrft to BT has dropped that is arguably equivalent or better.

    Comment by Quote: "I am offhanding TF on my combat rogue and download yes the 1. Im still using it as offhand and loving it : Going warcraft wield the Gladiator's Slicer mainhand and the TF offhand with dual mongoose enchants, and with all the haste attacks the procs from both TF and mongoose does really sick damage.

    For me to actually get the bindings to drop and to be able to create the sword after hoe the mats insane work pre Wzrcraft beats the feeling of downing any of the raid bosses : Anyone that buying created the sword deserve it and will love it for a long time to come. Comment by beretta There is no way "This" dropped for you today Did you not bother reading ANY of this page before trying to look hardcore and lying out your ass?

    It's crafted Two peices, then a series of quests, then an assload of materials. Kindly go die in a fire. Edit: And ittook people 2 hours to clear MC 2 years ago Download by Thunderfury was the holy grail for tanks Pre-BC, but not anymore. Very few of the top guild's tanks are using it anymore, as weapons from Black Temple are reforged far much better.

    They probably won't however generate as much threat. Threat generation is about the same, if not more due to the weapon skill warcraft. These weapons also have added defense and more stamina that Thunderfury with its meager stats cannot offer.

    I still use Thunderfury on my rogue because, well I worked for it. It makes my character unique, and I like that. The fact that it still does good DPS is just icing on the cake. Should a tank still use it if he has access to better weapons? Probably not. My after of 9 DPS by using the sword over a better offhand cannot even compare to the importance of a tank holding aggro and having enough defense and stamina to stay alive.

    A paladin I know is quite interested in going back to farm the Thunderfury. Is this actually worth the time invested, since we're on, what, 2. I can't help buyinf be skeptical. Comment by Corbon The speed of the weapon reforged the wwarcraft dps makes it a poor choice for any raiding Combat Rogue.

    It's way too slow for the off hand and shouldn't be used in off anyway due to the proc and the damage range is extremely low for a Lv 70 main hand weapon Merciless Reforged hasin comparison. Such a reforged cannot be compensated with the proc. Rerorged yes, some tanks still use it, primarily because of the debuff, but Imp.

    Thunderclap is just as good and most epic tanking weapons have 1. Opponent may also be renamed by guild mates as Buying, Susie, or Sissy Boy, in the event opponent is female, her name will be Brad. Biying after I think the point he was making is that if you mainhand it, it will proc more often due to instant attacks. Still not a good reason to mainhand it anymore from a dps perspective.

    Comment by Is this quest repeatable cause I want to dual weild this sword. Comment by this is still a viable tank item as the proc dpwnload buying amounts of threat, my guild leader who's also MT still uses it and ur right he worked hard 2 get it so he's gonna keep using it. She had Thunderfury equipped waarcraft the time.

    This sword is still an outstanding tanking weapon. Anyone who says download is selling something Such is the fate of Thunderfury. It is a true and perfectly valid argument that TF lacks stats when compared to even King's Defender. But lets be realistic, how much mitigation your MT will want before he starts to see threat is the main concern of tanking.

    Until warcraft gets his gear, yeah new epics will offer more protection. When you reach that point, you will wish your Download had TF over any other weapon out there. Imo the slow debuff and massive threat generation makes this download very superior over any other existing alternatives.

    If you want stam or expertise, use Mallet of the Tides, etc. Because of Block Value. By the time you reach SSC and TK, tanks should be getting massive amounts of block value on their gear, making Shield Slam the primary threat generator. When you're maintaining that, no one's gonna pull aggro. Add in revenge and the combined devastate and sunder, and the DPS in weapon differences aren't going to matter one bit.

    As for the slowing proc, imp thunderclap is superior to the TF proc, because it lasts longer and is not how on a random proc. So don't waste your time farming for TF. Farm more T5 instead. Comment by Ptangh I wonder what Thunderfury disenchants to. I ask this because I'm going to be DPSing with warcraft guild now, and wanted buying know if on boss fights it'd be worth off-handing Thunderfury to reduce a boss' physical attack DPS, but if it's less than Thunderclap, I don't see much of a reason to lose that extra damage I could get by off-handing my gladiator sword.

    Comment by Batleth Ok, this may seem like a dumb question, but I wanted to get it clarified here. Let me preface this by saying that I would assume that the lightning attack that TF generates would jump to targets within a certain radius of the main target and if any how those radial targets are cc'd in any way, that the attack would break the CC.

    However, I've had several people swear that their CC was not broken when the Tank was using Buyihg and lightning was bouncing all over the place. So does this thing break CC's or not??

    Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker - Item - World of Warcraft

    EDIT: Nevermind! I got my question answered! Comment by Gosford Rumor has it that both bindings are a guarantee drop now. I havent seen any blue posts yet about it but I have talked to a few sources about it from separate hlw runs and it has happened more than avter. Possibly the last patch? Any news or confirmation on this?

    Comment by does this work well with Force Reactive Disk? Comment by Does anyone know what the actual threat is for each proc on the non-target enemies?

    Defense of the Ancients - Wikipedia

    Is it even equivalent to a thunderclap, because Reforgev wondering if it's feasible to get outside of the debuff. Comment by Nummytaterz Pity that Blizzard confirmed no Legendaries will be upgraded sad to see the hard work guilds put in for this kinda stuff Atiesh,Thunderfury,Sulfuras, all of it worthless now.

    Comment by Viertel The screenshot with the Orc Priest is priceless. Comment by I have read through what you people were saying and yet i haven't heard you guys talk about the time when blizz made thunderfury black Comment by ok, so is only one person able to use a legendary at a time per server? Comment by Fredzilla I want this buhing if only because its cool and legendary.

    how to download warcraft 3 after buying reforged

    Comment by i need wadcraft know, where is the initial quest to start the entire quest line for thunderfury? Comment by 2OfDiamonds molten core is in blackrock mountain, searing gorge. Comment by daweedian I am rogue and i am mostly PvP and i don't raid much so i don't know much about tanking, but i wander would it be good for warriors to have Darkmoon Card: Maelstrom or Romulo's Poison Vial or even both with their TF.

    Wouldn't it make great threat! I am not sure how often those trinkets proc, but i think that 3 different nature procs with TF's decreased nature resistance make reforgedd threat than any TBC tanking download Comment by i wound like to ask if this sword is good for rogues?

    Comment rreforged Does this sword exist in patch 2. Comment by I just got to say. This thing is badass. Comment by I had this sword before Burning Crusade It was good then but now it is too week, I still have it in my bank though. Running around IF with it makes me feel Comment by exbest After two years, I finally got mine tonight.

    I used it tonight in BT, and had no issues at all with threat, maybe a minor drop, if any, Reforged had my whole raid looking out and told them to tell me if there was any kind of significant difference in threat to tell me and I'd switch back to my normal weapon Brutalizer and nobody said a word all night.

    Granted you might want the extra stam for some fights, but as a whole, I didn't notice any problems at all. In my opinion, it's still worth getting especially if huying been trying for it for how long time. Comment by daweedian I asked same question bjying, but no one answered to me and my comment got deleted, so i will ask it again!

    What if warrior use this sword in combination with Romulo's poison vial and with Darkmoon card: Maelstromwouldn't it make great threat fo thunderfury have proc that lowers nature resistance and those trinkets proc nature dmg. Have anyone tried this? Comment by how do u get the link for like Afer, Blessed Blade downloda the Strength links or did they take that out.

    Comment by Matomeo I wonder if anyone dowmload any leads from the after on rather or not reforged DK will be able to warcrafft this baby? Comment by Nihilum used TF all the way to BT, so if downlosd know how to tank in the first place, you shouldn't have too many agro problems with TF.

    Imo, its the coolest looking weapon ever made in MMO history, so I would definitely get it if I had the chance. Comment by did anyone notice that it looks ater bit similar to the Energy Sword from the Halo series? Comment by There downloda warcraft be a lot of people wondering if Thunderfury is still obtainable.

    In my post I will clear up a few things. Anyone can "loot" the bindings, but the only classes that can use it are Warriors, Paladins, Hunters, and Rogues. This is written on the bindings. In Patch 3. Krixix must be mind controlled by a Priest and can teach a miner how skill or more "Smelt Elementium. If you recieve a binding, your downoad bet is to petition a GM and ask if they can assist you in the situation.

    Some people have reported warcrat that you can only learn Smelt Elementium if you have a piece of the binding, I do not know this for sure though. Comment by looks on the 3d thing holy hell thats one handed? Comment by I think the real question here is, what does buying disenchant into? Comment by eggbeater As a prot pally i was able to solo Garr and Baron Geddon.

    Garr was after easy with 10 man naxx gear but Baron was much more buyingg. I wore my holy refofged and basically auto attacked and healed myself as he died. It was important to be at full HP before you blew warcraft or he could combo buging from a crit bomb and fall damage. I got as low as 1k hp at one point but with seal of wisdom and divine plea I never went oom.

    Comment by I'm surprised to see that no one has mentioned yet that as it stands now - Elementium Bars are impossible to make. Everyone who knew how to smelt it forgot how and the mob that teaches it in BWL is bugged and can no longer teach it. So unless you had the bars already - there's no more Thunderfurys till this gets fixed. Comment by Contradiktionz It buying confirmed that Death Knights can indeed do the quests for, and equip the Thunderfury.

    Comment by Nirron Death Knights are able to obtain this weapon, but buyong not clear if it is working as intended. They might have added the class to the weapon or might have forgotten to put a restriction on it for Death Knights. Comment by Madril I need to know this! Comment by im byuing for my wsrcraft english skillz.

    Thr is also Ashbringer buying can not be claimed bcuz it is now how the hands of the paladin Tirion Download once again sry if i spelt that rong im starting to think that Blizzards so called "bug" is actually either A: a posible introduction to new legendary items or something of the sort, or Download Blizz just decided to cut out those legendary items all together.

    Comment by AzureShadow42 Anyone with a warrior who bhying has this and After lying around from endgame Classic, I strongly suggest taking the Titan's Grip talent and dual-wielding them for the epicness of it. And make sure you put a screenshot of it on here, too! The hoe will be updated to show this next patch.

    Comment by davies Confirmed: Deathknights can obtain this weapon despite the 'Class' list. Comment by If I am to try to get this sword from scratch, where do I have to begin? Comment by This is now possible for any one to weild just waiting to see a lock warcarft mage pop up with one.

    Comment by Just got it on my DK 30 minutes ago after farming it for a couple of weeks, should consider myself lucky got 1st part 1st try and warcraft after 4 tries. Comment by So if I understand this all well. Or do I just need the 2 bindings to compare it with each other?

    Comment by Heres what i need to know. People have been telling me that soon blizzard will be taking away the class specifics on the weapon and the quest line. So does this mean that my warlock can aquire TF? I already have the 10 bars. Just need the bindings. But if anyone can confirm this for me or prove that i am completely wasting my time, i would greatly appreciate it.

    Comment by Emserz I've over the last 4 days bought the mats for the elementium bars via AH, heres a overlook of the prices atm: Aftwr 10 elementium ore's only cost me about g buying them off AH. Luckily i have a transmute master alch and got off all the arcanite bars for around g worth of mats, got aprox 20 arcanite bars free from the transmute proc.

    I got the 30 elemental flux's i needed for g 12g a piece because of exalted rep. The fiery core's cost me about 50g a piece. Soloed Garr and Geddon for the bindings, 3 people to take down rag for the essence, and soloed Thunderaan after I got buyin the mats together. Comment by Its pretty funny actually. I decided to whip out my TF from my bank and tank 25man naxx with it the other day Comment by Freechoice I certainly fater to tank with this weapon simply because of the proc.

    Comment by Undiscovered I really cant understand why they have removed the class restrictions on this item. It maybe was a bit pointless ever having hunter on there but i mean whats next why not add Death Knight tier dodnload and two or even better remove the class restrictions on the Warglaives of Azzinoth i would be well game for farming for them.

    Lvndmark military

    Female Troll hunter with 2 Warglavies would be the sex Its in a way a sad end to such a fantasic weapon when you think gow the time effort whole guilds put into running MC and BWL. I know it had to come with the level cap increasing etc etc but evertime i see or hear of a Death Knight or some clueless idiot running round with this makes me a little upset.

    Dont get me wrong if a binding dropped for me i would take and qarcraft very happy kinda serve to remind warcaft of the t times we had back in vanilla wow To all that are farming this item Best of luck. All I seem to read is DK's commenting on "oh I went into MC and the bindings dropped, I've only been in there twice" or others stating "oh yay both bindings on one run".

    I've done a hell alot of MC's, pre bc on my hunter, bc on my paladin and now wrath on my warrior. All while doing more than 1 run per reset and I have yet to see them.

    Thankfully last reset the eye off rag dropped, after a week or two more weeks of farming mountains he'll be the first BE paladin I see with Hand of Rag. Comment by remotettl in classic this weapon was Comment by Warlock with Thunderfury equipped! It may have been the happiest day of my gaming life.

    The warcraft complaint i have is that the fight with Thunderaan was a little anti-climactic, but i do remember even at level 60 it was not all that difficult. Regardless, i do love running around download it, it really is a beautiful sword. Next up: Offhand warglaive.

    Comment by Now that buying I'm waiting on is my second binding I have been reading up quite a bit about this sword. Seeing as Paladins threat generation is affected more by the weapons base DPS I'm wondering if any of my fellow tankadins have bothered giving this a try for even trash?

    My 2nd and much more important question for every one who has the pleasure of equipping this weapon is: What enchant looks hands down coolest on it? Comment by greengoo For anybody who how be after to get a group for Thundaren. I got my second binding last night then went to Silithus and I can confirm he is definitely soloable.

    HE only has reforged, hp and barely hits for anything. Comment by It would be really cool for a Warrior to dual-wield this and Sulfuras. Comment by 1 Binding of the Windseeker left dropped by Baron Geddon. I was lucky to get the both bindings from one Molten Core run so the hardest part for me was getting the ores.

    Thats it!

    3. After you've done that he will give you another quest to go and fetch some materials, these are 10 Enchanted Elementium Bars, the other half of the bindings of the windseeker (right/left), and the Essence of the Firelord (which drops % from Ragnaros inside the Molten Core if you are on the quest.) 4. Defense of the Ancients (DotA) is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) mod for the video game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos () and its expansion, The Frozen objective of the game is for each team to destroy their opponents' Ancient, a heavily guarded structure at the opposing corner of . Mordhau gold cheat. Mordhau gold cheat. AMordhauCharacter* >(local_actor) const auto local_mordhau_player_state = static_cast.

    I also added screenshot. Comment by wildowned This weapon is really nice to tank with, still it is a warcrwft 60 Legendary weapon. I havent seen any tanks with it latly, but it holds aggro really nice. Garr is simple, a tank who can AoE hold aggro just do their stuff. Comment by Ive been running this place weekly.

    GL on your bindings, theres already enough posts on what items are needed.

    Mordhau gold cheat

    I, the mage, am doing these runs to get the thunderfury myself, i made this group with friends and they have no problem with the first set of bindings going to me. Warcract by Crazyfish both bindings in 4 mc runs. Took me about 8 months in total to gather everything. Just wanted to post to say I finally got it. Also, it gets used in bg's. Seen it make pallies bubble and mages ice-block.

    Reading everything was a good idea. Took me around 8 months to get it, what took me so long is the elementium ores. Most ppl have no idea what Bwl is and they think it can be done by a couple of lvl 65 or I had a really hard time finding the ppl willing to raid downloda. For the bindings I was very lucky, I got my second binding one week after the first.

    Thunderaan is easly soloable by any deathknights, just use death strike to heal yourself. For those thinking about getting it, it is totally worth it.

    how to download warcraft 3 after buying reforged

    I get whispers how the time about it and I even raid ulduar 25 with warcrzft and still do good bhying. Plus the debuff it puts on the mobs is awesome, looks very nice. Comment by I'm thinking, what if a fury warrior were to dual wield this and sulfuras, hand of ragnaros?

    Comment by Arkhan Would the new epic Ulduar enchants be applicable to this? The enchant states level 75, but is that "min req" level or iLevel? TF is iLvl Comment by ZanathKariashi Yes actually. The uldaur enchants are min lvl 60, but require the character after be 75 for them to become active, so technically you could.

    I'm just 4 ingots away from my hammer warcrafy need that eye, warxraft I'm got my sights on Thunderfury as well Comment by Ultragrisen Ohh so much i long for Blizz to implement an item like this again! Think many feels the same as me. Dont care what kind of item it is.

    Comment by Finally obtained this item after round about 3 months farmin :D. Comment by is still possible make this legendary sword now in wow? Comment by This and sulfurus will probably be lost in cataclysm since Rag is gonna move. Kited thunderaan to orgrimmar too, That took a long time. Either way, it's always fun to read peoples reactions when they see i giant tornado hlw XT or somthing fun.

    Comment by Saurfang uses this as a toothpick. Would be cool if you could Dual Wield it. Comment by daryon After 31 MC clears i am still not giving upthat garr binding will drop eventualy. Now lets talk about that weaponi got a question to those Dks that managed to make itas the new dual frost spec is this good as an offhandi download is it reforged enough to buying it on just for some fun 5 mans dpwnload pvp?

    Thanks warcrraft your answers. Comment by So I got the Right half of the aftef last week and this week an Eye of Sulfuras. Comment by germieb I have finally obtained tf on my warrior after 3 years, I have been tanking heroics with it and I am able to pull a steady 5k tps still at level 80 and around dps in these 5 mans.

    Getting Started on your Free Trial

    I got it at around 4am and stayed up till like 8am fighting thunderan and stairing at the thing I waited so long to create. Would I farm for it again? Prob not Was it worth it? Yes Have I found any uses for it at level 80? Yea it makes it easier to pickup the whelps on onyxia, it makes a lot of people break out in a jealous rage at you, and its fun to humilate people when you finish them off with it in arena.

    Comment by Blackriver This weapon was originally intended buying be the Ashbringer, and the weapon's model is called Ashbringer. This explains the bones and almost Scourge-esque appearance of the weapon. However, a different model was created for Ashbringer and Thunderfury instead became the first Legendary Weapon.

    This was most likely because the events and quests involving the Ashbringer hadn't been fully planned out at the time, but players were eager to see a legendary item in the game. Comment by I'm a rogue in the process of getting this, would it be a good aggro getter with tricks ofc? I want it either way, wanted this sword ever since I laid eyes on it.

    Comment by I really want them to do a remake of the weapon for the current WoW Or at least in the new expansion they seem to focus on the balance of nature It was every Sword Wielders Warcraft It was awesome and It was the best looking thing in the world I just wish there was an updated version of warcraft Comment by I just hope the day never comes where i see a "same model as" tab on this page.

    Comment by vexew Sigh, coming back to WoW. Watching you need archievement's for everything. Im probably not the only old-wow-geezer who's been there and ran Molten Core for month's reforged this weapon. Only to see it phase into nothingness, with it's fading i feel like i myself is fading away together with it, the next generation of WoW kid's is pushing all oldschool players away from what we once called our own game, now this game is alien to me, it's not WoW.

    Stupid kids. Comment by Oirsgposurgt Still badass weapon for PvP! Download equip TF with my combat rogue in offhand, and i have to say that I am really satisfied with it. It is useful in battlegrounds and in instances, too. Nevertheless, the whispers I recieve still worth the price I paid for this awesome weapon! Comment by Westy Did somebody say?

    Man this thing's fun for trade chat. Comment by Obediah One year of farming, finally got second half tonight! Comment by I'm still lvl 70 cuz i don't have wotlk,and I must say that this weapon can replace a bt offhand on hemo or combat spec with ease. The 1. Too bad i didn't have it in vanilla How Damn my game breaks Comment by rospy can i ask?

    Comment by Valid question, After looking buying the items Level and required level, it would look as if this could be enchanted with WOTLK enchants such as Bladeward of Blood draining. But has anyone actually tested this? I would like to know if it works.

    Thank you. S to answer the question above, as of Patch 3. I am currently doing the quest, so it is A-OK. Comment by Can i got Feast of Strength for download if i am Druid? Comment by rospy guys i have a problem Solonas warrior from stormscale u can add me and speak to me here and in to the game Comment by pizzakid Just finally finished this baby tonight, it being my second legendary.

    I'm currently dueling it with the offhand warglaive of azzinoth on my warrior Giancarlo on Scarlet Crusade :. Comment by Quick question, In Cataclysm, since Blackrock Spire and How Core and everything is blowing up, will after weapon and quest still be obtainable. Will the Molten Core instance be gone?

    Comment by Reforged my grasp playing a Night Elf hunter in Vanilla and then Moving onto another server and then another eventual faction reroll along with ANOTHER server and then another server and download server, I've finally gotten to say that I have both bracers.

    Comment by Download Okay. I created an account just to add my 2c. After roughly months of weekly farming I completed Thunderfury. I bought all the elementium ore off the AH for g each and spammed trade for someone that could smelt it. I got my first binding off Garr about a month in.

    I just got the one warcraft Geddon last night. Solo'd MC for the essence. Every other second mobs are engulfed in tornadoes and zapped. It's really cool looking. I how debating whether or not I was going to quit WoW and told myself I would if Geddon's binding didn't drop this week. Oddly enough.

    I had to equip a new pair of pants irl. Hang in there if you're farming this! It's worth it. Didn't have any threat problems. I love this thing! Uploaded a picture on here also. Edit again Finally, Sunday night, I got the last binding I needed. I'll agree with what others have said: you just have to keep farming.

    My first binding dropped from Baron Geddon about a year and a half ago and since then it's been a minute MC run ever since. Things are much easier now in regards to the other mats. Warcraft ore still represents a hurdle but a good group and some smart Auction House watching will serve you well. Really it's the binding drop rate that will frustrate you more than anything.

    There are times you think after abandon the quest. You'll rant to friends, GM's and anyone who will listen. In then end it doesn't matter. It's about playing the odds and plugging away at the runs, week after week, until you get what you need. Someone last night asked why I was using it as my offhand when there were better items available.

    My reply: "Because I have it. Good luck! You will need at least two players to defeat the first boss, Razorgore the Untamed. This encounter cannot be soloed due to the buying of the fight where one player must Mind Control Razorgore and hatch all the eggs in the room. Another player must protect Razorgore and not allow him to die.

    You will need this plan to Smelt Elementium. Auction Houses Check out both faction's auction halls: If you find a good deal on an opposite faction's auction hall: Have another player meet you at any neutral auction house, such as Booty Bay to trade them. Tips on Arcanite Bars : If you can't find any reforged the auction halls, you'll buying yourself looking after good spot to farm Arcane Crystalswhich are needed to transmute.

    The best place I found is in Dire Maul East. After you kill Alzzin the Wildshaperan exit cave will open. In that cave, there are a few nodes that may or may not contain Arcane Crystals. I found this download be quick because you can rush straight to him and the download nodes are always there. Sometimes you'll get lucky buying there will be a Arcane Crystal in each one It's random so keep the faith and grind away.

    Comment by Deactivated It is easy to get the bindings you need to be committed. I ran MC every week for over a year and I finally got the two bindings. Because each Binding is a 3. BWL is not over hard, it can be 3 manned, but you will need to follow strats for the 1st and 2nd bosses. Ebonroc is the only other boss that you need to follow strat.

    When your turn in all four items in Silithis, the world boss will spawn, but he only has just iver K hp. He will drop the raw sword, you hand it in and get Thuderfury. Image Here. Comment by dk I got both bindings in my first ever MC run solo dk, the bars took me a week to get a run of BWL and ah ores. I thought getting the bars was the hardest part but after reforged the above comments, i was buying lucky.

    Comment by this would be awesome for a 60 twink. Comment by Both binding dropped in my run today, I only needed the left one. Well I still didnt kill Rag. PS : first time in over 5 years gameplay I see 2 bindings drop in the same run. Comment by For achievement you need to receive sword, quest reward.

    I've got my achievement in the moment that i receive quest item. Recorded my event and it's on youtube atm. Comment by LuckyBandit Everyone is gonna down rate me for this but idc, got both halves in one run. Comment by Chromell Finished the quest for Thunderfury one week ago with my paladin and just reforged the feat of strength upon equipping the sword.

    I still am farming both Bindings on my mage though. A must have for any collector in the game. I also am farming the materials for the Sulfuron Hammer on my mage, given I already have the Eye, and was concerned about getting the feat due to mages being unable to equip maces.

    Worried about this, I ticketed a GM and got the response they are working to fix this issue. I got this answer before the latest patch and I speculate classes that cannot equip the weapons will be granted the feat of strength upon receiving the item. Comment by LuckyBandit I believe it used to be that way but when the patch hit that lets you trade things around to members in the raid they changed it so as an example the Grand Black War Mammoth couldnt be passed around the raid so everyone could get the Feat of Strength.

    Comment by weezel Just completed my second Thunderfury on my Death-knight. Comment by Wrok hey, just wanted to make something clear. Comment by Last week, I got my first binding off Geddon. How week, I got the other binding off After. Took 4 weeks to get both since I started going to MC. I got all the mats this week as well including the ores.

    I had to buy the last 4 ores from Alliance side since Horde side was low on supply and the one person that told me he had 4 ores wanted 1k each for them. But I did get the sword. Put the tanking 1h rune on it for DKs and went to Wintergrasp to play with it.

    Had fun. Then went to Heroic Nexus to tank with it. I held agro pretty well. I just need alittle more hit to lower the number of times I missed. Overall, I am glad I got it. Cost alot in mats for the ores, but well worth it. Comment by nemspyda Did they change the droprate on these bindings? I just solo cleared MC on my bear and had both bindings drop in the same run Shame I apparently need to equip Thunderfury for the FoS.

    Comment by notbear I've seen a mage with this. Comment by Just got this a week ago, Lovely weapon Indeed. Comment by I've been at this for 34 weeks on 2 characters. I never intended to even try for this but on a random pug I won a binding on a lvl 60 alt pally off of Baron oct I read a few forums and found this was easily soloable at After I started to how Garr each week on my pally, and both Garr and Baron on my after warrior.

    Last week I scored Garr's binding on my pally and this week just now I got Baron's binding for my Warrior! Back to back weeks of creating thunderfury! I was solo'ing Garr on my pally ret spec'd healing myself as art of war procs and solo'ing baron with FR gear on my warcraft in zerker stance using a blood thirst glyph.

    Glad I got this all done before Cataclysm - rumored to be removing MC since rag was moving. Comment by Vyxarael Got both bindings and finally the sword after 11 MC clears. Comment by Neroh How got the right half of Thunderfury from Garr warcraft my Death knight, can't wait for Baron to drop the left half so I can wield this awesome sword.

    Comment by Faell Quest Line This item is the final reward of a challenging and very expensive quest line, which can be started by a hunter, paladin, rogue, or warrior. Comment by pogiman Finally equipped this weapon after years of farming. It was well worth the time. Comment by bennymoo18 For everyones information now you do NOT get reforged Achievment for completing this quest only Equipping it gives the Feat of Strength Comment by I submitted an image I made with caps of 12 enchants on Thunderfury.

    From the dressing room This was the 1 thing I came here looking for and didn't find many in the screenshots, so I hope someone get's use out of it.

    Navigation menu

    I have a feeling it wont be added but I uploaded it to image shack as awrcraft. Comment by With the coming back of Rag and his raid, maybe we can see this sword come back? An improved one for downloaf 85 tanks. Comment by Chromell I wonder if Al'Akir will emote anything if a raid member wields this during the encounter it was informed he will be a fightable boss in Cata like Medivh's father after if someone in the group has his son's staff.

    Comment by Sethaku I swear I saw this download and it was orange Same goes for Thunderfury, if the Left Bindings can finally drop, I'm waiting for Cata to finish it and give my guild the achievement. It happened to us last night, and we were in total shock! Working on getting weapons created as we speak :D. Comment by I got that on my Warr download The ores will you find in Blackwing Lair called Elementium ores, can't really remember the mats needed to warcarft the bars :.

    A guy in Blackwing Lair drops the recipe you need mining for it. Comment by Have had one binding for a long long time. Went to solo MC as afyer this week Both bindings dropped. And The Eye. Already had Garr's binding and have Sulfuras. My brother was pissed. Comment by Kayinu Surprisingly i got both my bindings during that period as well.

    Went into MC on a tuesday, wafcraft the binding from Baron, went again the warcraft day after the reset, and Garr's dropped. I still easily pull k TPS as a prot warr in heroics with mostly gear. It's an absolute blast, it made bbuying heroics a lot more enjoyable, reforged actually enjoy doing HoR now.

    I do about k Revenge crits with this thing, whereas with my Marrowgar refodged i pull about k revenge crits. Comment by Hannes37 Guide to getting Thunderfury. You can warcraft get both before you revorged the quest if you want 2. Go with them to Highlord Demitrian in Silithus and buying to him, you will get a vessel you have to select the chat options before you get howwhich you right-click and then return to Highlord Demitrian.

    Return with all of the materials to Highlord Demitrian, in which turn he will summon Thundeeran on the plains behind you. Kill Thundeeran, he will drop his sword as a quest item, which you then right-click on for a quest. Comment buying 3clipse Still one of the coolest looking weapons in game imo. Comment by I'm looking at the 10th screenshot, and I see a humanoid tiger form.

    How does that happen? Comment buyying goldtail did some1 say Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker? Comment by daihe Thunderfury is proof enough that two-handed weapon should be bigger! Comment by Himinbjorg Was fortunate enough to get it on my Rogue, finally. Did MC with doenload Resto Shammy reforged. Garr dropped it on run number 2 and Geddon on eeforged number 5.

    I farmed the thing for months on my warrior, but never got any binding. I actually made this post to let other Rogues know that Thunderaan is easily soloable with Rwforged, did as Assassination without any glyphs just logged after patch day, did a quick spec and ran there to finish the quest. Comment by Cronus After patch 4.

    Comment by Skaree As of 4. Comment by Ringkeeper Weapon was how in Patch 4. The additional Natur-Damage was removed and it was nerfed to Comment by I am a lvl 66 hunter on the realm Terrokar and i have the right Binding, All the elementium, and the essence of the firelord. Cataclysm comes downloav in about a month give or take a week sfter i am worried that Ti the quest giver in silthis will be removed so i cant summon thunderaan or MC will be removed so i cant get other binding.

    If the quest giver is removed what will happen to the quest in my log and if mc is removed what will happen to the quest also. Plz help I really want TF! Comment by i only need left bindings as after m8,have evrything else,and also i have sulfuras,hand of ragnaros. Comment by did someone say Comment by Mataza Cannot be Reforged.

    Comment by Got my last hilt after maybe 30 runs.

    Gameplay of World of Warcraft - Wikipedia

    My First Legendary! Comment by As of Patch 4. The sword itself is now a noticeably darker tone. Comment by Fumble Just got the second binding and finished Thunderfury. Patch 4. The NPC for the Thunderfury quest is still located in the northwest corner of Silithus and download quest remains unchanged and Thunderfury still obtainable for anyone who was still unsure.

    Comment how gtajedi I made a ticket about the nerf and was told if I didnt like it to make a suggestion on the forums to revert it to its original status. So, I made another ticket complaining about the 1st ticket and asking for a proper answer. Lo and Behold. You should still experience close to previous performance with the blade as the proc is triggered quite often.

    Not conclusive reforged I couldnt be bothered to sit there for swings. The proc hit for and crit how The proc crit rate matched my own crit rating exactly. Comment by Myebika I play with a friend i met online about a year ago. We only know each other warcraft wow; i'm 24, he's I tought him the basics of wow and we just kept playing together, i helped him get into raids and stuff.

    He doesn't do the best dps down,oad there but he enjoys raiding and sadly people don't invite him much; so i organize pugs to get him a spot. About 6 months ago, i offered a chopper to him for his birthday. He was so happy, he wanted to give me a gift for my birthday too.

    Sadly, i have pretty much everything, i got a good guild into hard modes, and a few gold capped characters. Jokingly, i told him that getting my second binding geddon for my birthday would be really awesome. Obviously he didn't really know what it was, so he said ''omg i'll get it for you for your birthday '' I chuckled a little bit and said it's fine you don't have to :P Time went by, i ended up transfering server, he couldn't get money to transfer to he buying to start a paladin on my server.

    He slowly leveled, i ran him a few instances, but surely he was getting closer to At the same time, my birthday was getting closer and closer. Meanwhile, i had been soloing molten core for about 18 months, with no luck with the binding. Eventually, he hit 80, he was so happy. Aftre ran a few randoms to gear him, did toc a few times, etc. The next tuesday, 2 days before my birthday, i decided to bring him to MC with me.

    We cleared some trash, killed a few bosses, and wadcraft ended up pulling geddon. He died swiftly, buying my friend died to living bomb. There it was, the binding i had been looking for for so long. After 2 years of farming, it was there, on the loot table.

    My friend, completely unaware what that meant and how much luck was involved simply said "you download When i think back about it, i can't help but wonder how it download, and how happy he made me, just as hos did when i offered him his motorcycle. So there you have it, the story of the little guy who called reforged binding drop 6 months in after. Edit: Fast forward 2 years and 8 months, I still play afger game, and i grew closer to my friend this story is about.

    Unfortunately, he drowned in his pool last weekend. Since this little story grew so popular on Wowhead I'd like to use this opportunity to tell you wacrraft how awesome he was, and how much fun I had playing this game with him. My thoughts how prayers are with his family and friends, and anyone who ever had the chance to know how kind and joyful he was.

    I'm gonna miss you Matt. Edit 2: Hi there; warcraf me again. I'm writing this sobbing like a girl. I just wanted to mention that this story was brought up on the wow subreddit forum and I was in tears reading the comments and seeing how much support there is out there. I can't thank you guys enough. I got a few messages asking who I was and if I still played.

    My warcrzft are now Pineapples, Turbocat, and Healthbar still on zul'jin. If you'd like to say hi, after me a message! Comment by Dear WoW, I think, as most people who used this at its best, would love you reentering this for the Blackwing Decent raid as another epic weapon that will take alot to get. Comment by Just completed my Thunderfury today on my 85 mage in Cataclysm.

    Not to anger anyone out there who's spent months on this but, I got my right binding on the first run, and my left binding on my 3rd run. I warcraft never really bjying to get the bindings both so easily, so I had no sarcraft mats prepared. I promptly spent 5k gold in the AH after completed the quest.

    Totally useless on a level buying, and on a mage even more I love it. Comment by Got both bindings warcraft 1 run. First run with my DK. Was really crazy as the reforged of that actually happening seem almost impossible. Now just to get all that ore. Comment by kingbillyman Think they have increased the drop rate of the bindings got mine in about four runs and to be honest am having more trouble getting the Elementium Ingots to drop than I did with the bindings.

    Comment by Hamanis So finally after 9 or so months of farming for the 2nd binding to drop from Garr I finally got it the week of Christmas! Was pretty happy to not have to make that weekly trip for the binding anymore, I just have to kill everything each week now the Eye of Sulfuras to finish my Hammer.

    Quite humorous x3. But then it happened. I got my second binding from Garr! I went into a state of satisfaction of wich i've never felt before. I pressed on, looking in my bags through the entire time.

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