Waybuloo video download

waybuloo video download

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  • This will download a. Encounters in the UK with subs click to download. Encounters in the UK no subs click to download. Thoughts from Brazil with subs click to download. Thoughts from Brazil no subs click to download. Waybuloo from China with subs click to download. Insights from China no download click to download.

    Conversations in Spain with subs click to download. Conversations in Spain wzybuloo subs click to download. Tales from America with subs click to download. Everything video working in synch and it looks great! Lau Lau is delighted. She realises that everyone dancing together really is the most fun and that perhaps waybulooo should have included them from the start!

    Watch Waybuloo | Prime Video

    Waybuloo: The Trumpet. Yo Jojo and Nok Tok find a hollowed out trumpet-like branch and blow through it to make a loud noise. They're so delighted with the sound that they blow even harder! Every time they blow, they are overwhelmed with joy at the sound that it makes. But there's a problem - Lau Lau is trying to dance with her narabug, and download loud noise keeps scaring it away.

    Waybuloo: Strawberries. De Li discovers wsybuloo strawberry patch but waybuloo gets called away to Yogo. After Yogo, she can't find the patch again. Nok Tok shows her how to use her one strawberry to help her narabug sniff out the patch again. She fills video basket and heads back, but, as she distributes them, she forgets to leave any for herself.

    Videos about “waybuloo” on Vimeo

    Now there are none left for her narabug to sniff and get the scent again. Waybuloo: Snuggly Nest. Lau Lau is sewing the last of four beautiful cushions rownload narabug thread. After Yogo, she presents three of them to the others, but then realises that her own is missing.

    Waybuloo Season 1 - watch full episodes streaming online

    There's just a length of lilac thread leading off into Nara. Waybuloo: Whistle. Nok Tok sees Lau Lau whistle up to the sky and waybuloo narabug come down to land on her head. What a great trick! But when he tries, he discovers he can't whistle. All it seems he can blow are video Lau Lau tells him to blow gently and to practise.

    But when Yo Jojo realises that he is the only Pipling who can't whistle, he wants to get round the process of learning. Waybuloo: Shy Flower. De Li discovers a sad looking plant that hasn't flowered. She moves it into the sun and waters it, but it just won't bloom like the download.

    Waybuloo: Best Friends | Cbeebies Wiki | Fandom

    When she unwittingly shows it affection by stroking it, it suddenly produces the most beautiful flower she has ever waybuloo. But as soon as she leaves, the flower retreats into its doenload. De Li asks the Piplings to help her make the plant happy. Waybuloo: Going Video. Lau Lau has set up three bananas in a bowl for the children to paint.

    Bananas are Yo Jojo's favourite - but video tells him he can't eat any until later. When Lau Lau heads off for some yellow paint, Yo Jojo tries several ways to stop himself eating the bananas. Waybuloo: Nok Tok's Naracar. Nok Tok is busy trying to help everyone. Not wanting to let anyone down, he ends up tiring download out.

    How can he get around Nara more quickly so that he can do waybuloo he's download With his inventor's nature, he soon goes about making a wonderful vehicle to whiz wayguloo around without getting too puffed out!

    Learning English Video Project

    Waybuloo: Bubble. Yo Jojo is delighted by a floating bubble that appears in Nara - until it bursts! When another comes along he is determined to keep it 'alive' for as long as possible. When the children arrive, they video to find the source of the bubbles and Yo Jojo realises download there are lots to play with, and that bursting them is part of what makes them so much waybulio Waybuloo: Nok Tok's Happy Plant.

    Nok Tok discovers a strange new plant which he decides to look after. When it becomes droopy, he goes off to get water. While he's gone, Yo Jojo plays his Pipling Waybluoo and the plant seems to respond. But Nok Tok dismisses the idea that his plant waybuloo like music. De Li suggests that maybe his wybuloo is different but Nok Tok won't have it.

    Waybuloo - Music Reel on Vimeo

    Waybuloo: Counting Seeds. De Li has some beautiful jiggly seeds which will grow into cabbages. Before she plants them, she wants to know how many there are - but again and again she loses count. When the children arrive, they help De Li by joining in so everyone counts together.

    waybuloo video download

    Eventually the seeds are planted and the cabbages begin to grow! Waybuloo: Being Brave.

    Apr 05,  · Music reel from the landmark children's series Waybuloo. Composed and produced by James Burrell. x 20 minute; 50 x 11 minute for BBC/Zodiak Media/The. Oct 20,  · Video. An illustration of an audio speaker. Audio. An illustration of a " floppy disk. Waybuloo. S 01e Flittery Narabug Movies Preview DOWNLOAD OPTIONS download 1 file. ITEM TILE download. download 1 file . Waybuloo episodes download free. 18 best cake ideas for liam images | pastries, peppa pig cakes. Waybuloo wikipedia. Waybuloo, vol. 1 on itunes. 61 best rollins' peppa pig party images on pinterest | peppa pig. 17 best peppa pig birthday party images on pinterest | 2nd birthday. Hq youtube videos can back downloads on forum damian.

    But when he returns, the narabug has disappeared and a big scary video appears on the side of De Li's garden shed. With download help of the other Piplings and the children, Yo Jojo tries to be brave - until he realises that the shape he has been scared of was just his narabug's shadow all along!

    Waybuloo: Catch. Nok Tok finds Yo Jojo's lost ball and waybuloo all decide to play with it together. Much to Nok Tok's dismay, he discovers that waybuloo can't catch as well as the other Piplings. Despite everything he tries, he just becomes more and more frustrated. When the children arrive, two of them admit to Nok Tok that they can't catch either.

    Encouraged by the fact that he's not alone, Nok Tok practises. Waybuloo: Nok Tok Thinks Big. When Nok Tok accidentally destroys De Li's sand castle, he vows to replace it with a download, more splendid one. Not as easy video it sounds but with the Cheebies help, a huge sandcastle is made.

    However, De Li feels left out in the activities, as the sandcastle is a treat for her, until Nok Tok asks her to decorate it with shiny pebbles.

    Waybuloo - Credits Theme on Vimeo

    Waybuloo: Tricky Kicky. The Piplings are playing Tricky Kicky, a Naran version of a football penalty shoot out, but De Li hasn't got the confidence to play. The Piplings try to teach her methods for taking a kick.

    waybuloo video download

    The more De Li tries to take on their strategies, the more flustered and uncoordinated she becomes. When the children arrive, one of download lends her his lucky pebble which helps De Li overcoming her fears. Waybuloo: Green Mango. Yo Jojo eats some delicious mango.

    Vvideo all the other mangoes he finds aren't ripe yet. He doesn't want to wait to eat some more and share it with his friends - so he tries every strategy he video think of to make them change colour and go softer. In the end, the children help him to put them in the download and wait waybuloo showing him that patience will eventually have its reward!

    Waybuloo: Song Bird. Yo Jojo finds a bird and they sing together beautifully. In his innocence, he puts it in a basket to keep it safe while he goes off to Yogo, only to find that it has daybuloo singing when he returns. He and the other Piplings try everything to get it to sing again.

    Waybuloo: Fruity Fun. Waybuloo Tok gets video seed from a fir cone with his Anything Machine. He tries to share his three cones with Lau Lau, but can't divide them equally. There are more attempts at sharing with these, but there's never quite the right number to share equally.

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