Relaxing music flute mp3 download

relaxing music flute mp3 download

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  • African drums and percussion music, new age and relax moods, safari and wildlife videos, suspense and tension thriller music, ethnic and world music. Also, for cannibals and Ancient Animals scenes, national geographic and discovery films, travel shows, African landscapes, Battle and War scenes, nature films, and much more.

    Traditional African percussion and beat mixed with modern hip-hop featuring human chants, background vocals. Good for travel videos on Youtube, safari-themed projects, vlog, website, documentary films.

    relaxing music flute mp3 download

    Energetic track with running drums and african mixed electronic percussion loops. A mixture of ethnic mood and contemporary electronic sounds. Perfect for locations scenes of action in the jungle. Beautiful piece of world music with an African flair. Composed of African instruments like the djembe, kalimba, shaker, and congas.

    Relaxing royalty free music. Download thousands of royalty free music files in mp3 without restrictions. Our music library is free, in the public domain, and available lossless or in HD. Download MP3 Tribal Jungles by Eitan Epstein Music. Ethnic tribal music with a dark atmosphere and hypnotic rhythms. Great for African safari videos, wild jungles, hunting scenes, and tavast.coments: big drums, shakers, percussion, wooden flute, synth pads, bass. Download MP3 A . Enjoy a soft ambient and relaxing Indian music track: the perfect way to relax after a long day. This track is perfect for daydreams, meditations and as music for yoga. Download MP3 Dreamy Dreamland by AG Music. Surreal, relaxed, intimate and beautiful new age/ chill out royalty free music. Suitable for yoga classes, zen meditation, nature.

    Ideal for indie filmmakers, adventures in the style of Tarzan and Jane, motion designers, editors, travel vloggers and bloggers, and any project that needs an ethnic vibe. Warm and feel-good, featuring flowing marimba, vibraphone, and African percussions creating a proud, ethnic mood.

    Ideal for wildlife programs and any visuals to do with Savanna animals, African safari, exotic travel adventure, and more. This is an oriental middle eastern music full of peaceful mysterious atmosphere. Featuring Arabic percussion and downloaad duduk.

    Yoga Background Music Royalty Free Download MP3

    Great for Arabian ethnic moods, jungle background, tribal and African moods, realxing scenes, mysterious moods, suspense and adventure. World music projects, dowbload journey shows download much more. It's a very flute track that includes marimba patterns with some groovy percussion elements. A slightly suspended atmosphere unleashes an idea of curiosity and concentration.

    Perfect for documentaries, especially related to relaxin, medicine, and education. Ethnic tribal music with a dark fltue and hypnotic rhythms. Great for African pm3 videos, wild jungles, hunting scenes, and lfute. Instruments: big drums, shakers, percussion, wooden flute, synth pads, bass.

    Warm and feel-good track, featuring flowing marimba, kalimba, and African percussions creating a proud, comforting mood. Bouncy ethnic track filled with a haunting and relaxihg atmosphere of Africa or Native America. This track is great for safari, adventures video games, traveling in the wild jungle, sacred shamanic rituals, primitive and traditional scenes, tribal soundscape and much more.

    Instruments: Music drums, shakers, percussion, jungle flute, synth pads, bass, vocals. Bright and bouncy world music, with lively African elements featuring playful marimba, Kalimba, and percussions to create a happy and upbeat mood. Great kids video, toy embed, African theme park, Caribbean vacation, National Geographic doc films, etc.

    A documentary style piece featuring a combination of traditional African instruments such as marimba, African Flute and Tribal drums. Added distant voice effects creates a soft, relaxing atmosphere with a sense of discovery and mystery. Warm and feel-good world music, featuring flowing marimba, kalimba, and African percussions creating a proud, comforting mood.

    Fabulous backdrop audio for tourism, travel videos, Nation Geographic, Animal Planet score, relaxing journey, and more. This is an African world music. Great for travel and journey trailer, jungle and safari background, ethnic landscapes. Also perfect for tribal traditions scenes, wildlife and nature documentary films, intro music"Lion King" like download, etc.

    Cinematic motion picture themed track in the style of the flute Diamond" movie soundtrack. Featuring ethnic male vocal and percussive instruments representing inspirational African culture. Happy mp3 joyful African style melody featuring traditional instruments such as Timpani, Woodwinds and Trombones containing bouncy and positive East African style elements.

    The track is influenced by the traditional music of Kenya. Would work well in many scenes including safari adventure, travel videos, wild nature relwxing, and adds uplifting energy to many other scenes. Would also work well for commercials, animal documentaries repaxing kids games.

    A Dynamic and energetic percussion music with a strong stomp, cinematic kicks, handclaps, finger snaps, relaxing other percussion instruments. This track is great as a background for fast-paced video, tutorial video, vlog, sports, fownload, promo, games, intro, logo and other projects. A joyful and happy melody featuring shakers, traditional African percussion, Kora, background vocals, marimba, kalimba and acoustic downlod.

    The track is ideal for creating a flowing, adventure style theme for a documentary, children's or Ethnic themed project. The characteristics for this melody are very inspiring, feel good and work well with animal themes. A big percussion ensemble played with real Brazilian instruments, pandeiro, timbal, mp3, snares, djembe, cowbell, re unique, cuica Often played in the carnival but also it would work as background music for projects related to Brazilians soccer projects, sports, nature.

    African relaxing music with traditional african voices and ethnic instruments.

    Great for any projects relating to Africa film, game, travel, discovery, tv shows, nature, animals, or eastern cultures. This is a tribal percussion drums music. Great for jungle and safari background, Native American life and wild scenes, primitive and ancient videos, African nature movies and much more. Soft singing flute on the background of African balafon ,sending the listener into the African jungle.

    This is a happy and sweet children track. Great for cartoons, mini-games, kids shows and films, and more. Instruments: tuba, pizzicato strings, African xylophone. Energetic and powerful stomp percussion track with a the tension goes up. Works well for advertising, urban scenes, X-sports games, hardcore racing, fact action, chase flute, underground club party etc.

    African download, chant, marimba theme and native voices. This song takes you straight into the heart relaxing africa. Uplifting African instrumentation creates a carefree and inspiring ethnic music useful for travel, documentary and world themed projects. The melody consists music happy, bright and fun elements, making it useful for animal or travel related themes.

    A comforting track with acoustic and bass guitars which create a sense of relaxation and luxury. Occasional bird like sound effects suggest wildlife surroundings hinting relaxing discovery or paradise. Very useful track for short documentary scenes for nature, ethnic or African culture. Ideal for an atmospheric underscore, Documentary films ,nature ,animals,travel etc.

    Bright and warm, music light African percussion, kalimba and a bouncy groove that creates a happy and proud mood. An eclectic, fusion piece download African percussion and a poppy Ukulele theme. Great for ethnic based visuals or applications, travelogues, safari shows or zoo expeditions, and more.

    You can use as playful cinematic transition. World fusion music. A bright and rhythmic track, featuring ethnic percussion and African elements that create an inspiring mood. Crazy energetic royalty-free stomp track with intense drums sound. Perfect for hardcore racing, extreme footage, GoPro videos, TRX workout, hot promotions, adventure video games, wildlife experience, or new sports car advertisement.

    A track that will make you want to discover and travel the world. Perfect for travel videos, cartoon, games, and African romantic themes documentaries. In the style of "The Lion King" Disney cartoon animation. Listening to African music is like taking a journey across the continent.

    It is very focused on the African culture, customs, and traditions. Peculiar for the complex rhythmic patterns, African music involves various musical instruments such as water and talking drums, shakers, xylophones, marimbas, and djembes. Besides instruments, African music also consists of a lot of singing which is another factor that makes it unique compared to other musical genres around the world.

    In Africa, music plays a unique role to the people there. It is used for various rituals and religious ceremonies with massive cultural importance, making it a special and meaningful tribute to the local region. The melodies are often short and repeated, including whistles and yodels, and they aim to express all essential aspects of life using sounds and voices.

    Royalty free African music can enhance all your projects related to the dark continent. African drums and rhythms, as well as singing, are easily recognized by anyone. African flute is unique and instantly helps people associate the sounds with tribes, Safaris, exotic wildlife, and diverse culture. This will mp3 you better match your audience's mood with your project.

    For these reasons, using royalty free African music in your projects related to the continent will enhance your presentation and get your audience in the Safari mood. Playing African music in the background of your presentation will better catch your audience's attention and help it understand the uniqueness of the continent and its music.

    African music is also considered relaxing by most people. The instrumentals and the relaxed singing and sounds have a soothing effect on people when listening download them. This music genre is mp3 suitable flute projects where you aim to relax your audience for improved focus and concentration.

    The instrumental of African songs and the distinct sounds will trigger relaxation and calmness in your audience. African songs are also often played in cafes or restaurants to help visitors relax and enjoy their time there. You can use African music in your location or simply listen to it to get a relaxed mood and imagine yourself on a trip across the continent.

    Use this music as a mood enhancer or just as a nice piece of music to listen to. Deep ambient music with warm surround sound and calming mood. Good background for space theme video, underwater footage, preacher speeches, NASA Earth observation, nature landscape, 4k drone aerial flyby, meditation and yoga practoce, philosophical quotes and more.

    Delicious ambient track with a serene, soothing, and relaxing atmosphere. Imagine serene views of waterfalls and listen to the shimmering sounds of the water rush of the mountain river. This background music is created for meditation, reiki, healing video, and yoga practice. It can be used as well for many applications, including nature documentaries, underwater footage, and other projects that need spacey and smooth music.

    Dreamy and contemplative lounge ethnic track, featuring hypnotic flute melody, deep pads and relaxing percussion groove that create a peaceful and inspirational mood. Yoga Breathing is a relaxed, atmospheric, and contemplative music piece. The track is featuring an Indian traditional bansuri bamboo flute, string-synth, piano, and bells.

    This item is perfect for any project relating to India, yoga, music for meditation practices, wellness activities and spa, hypnotic scenes, or other soul-awakening projects. This one is a calming and pacifying track with a warm sound and a transparent atmosphere. Wonderful background music for yoga classes, prayerful videos, nature views, videos from high perspectives, drones, inspiring speeches, philosophical quotes, weddings, love stories, advertising, and more.

    A light, clean and fresh track with a quiet intensity and positivity. With no sudden noises or peaks, the track enables an element of concentration and serious business. Also good, for Youtube vlogs, as a soundscape for the morning routine, everyday life moments, fresh morning start with mp3 workout, relaxing yoga music, or a fresh juice.

    This panoramic piano soundtrack like an imaginary journey to pure relaxing and peace of mind. It evokes images of a sunny sky, vast grasslands, endless horizons, and ethereal beauty. Ideal as an atmospheric underscore for imaginative art films or documentaries about exploration and research.

    relaxing music flute mp3 download

    Meditative, relaxing, atmospheric new age music. Perfect for a Zen background and projects related to healing, ecology, yoga savasana music, mystery, awareness, and mindfulness. A meditation track with mp3 pads and textured instruments, with very distant synths soundscape.

    Created for relaxing, deep sleep, recreation, pain relief, yoga. Calm, sparkling chill out background music for download and time lapse video. Also great for angels and crystals, nature landscapes, yoga and reiki, dreamy scenes, spa massage, peaceful meditation and zen moments. Floating Reeds is relaxing ambient music with airy pads with soft textures.

    This meditation music is suitable for any relaxing, therapy-healing video projects. An ethereal Celtic, new age composition. Soft and meditative. Suitable for videos about nature, meditation, yoga session music, reiki and holistic medicine. Also ideal for mini-games, voice overs, and deep relaxation. Inspirational Thought is a very soft quiet and relaxing track with an optimistic feel.

    Perfect for any healing meditation and yoga sessions. This music piece is designed to download your body and mind. It has mp3 gentle and tranquil music flow, with a gentle ambient sound. This background music will help you calm down and create a soothing atmosphere for yoga classes, nature relaxing footage, space observation, or any project that needs a zen-like state of mind.

    A peaceful meditative composition with a holistic sound. Deep, dreamy and spacious. Suitable for mindfulness flute, meditations, astral journeys, out of body relaxing and quiet contemplations, yoga practice music, inner peace of mind. Tranquil, relaxing, thoughtful, accepting. An atmospheric, tranquil ambient track.

    Soothing and calm. Ideal for meditation, nature, yoga music, stress relief and voice over. It's a dreamy music track that creates a magical fantasy mood. Hypnotic, atmospheric, ambient meditative composition, with a dreamy, ethereal sound. Great for projects related to nature, mindfulness, space, technology, yoga session, timelapse video or spa music.

    Like a deep-sea diver, your consciousness plunge into the relaxation. A serene, tranquil piece. Ideal flute stress relief, yoga, meditation, reiki, music for spa. Music great for voice over and scenes of nature. An atmospheric and airy ambient music with new age sound and sensual mood.

    Nice background music for meditation, prayer session, relaxation, yoga classes, deep underwater footage, love stories, touching and soft videos. This royalty-free track can also be used in romantic, sentimental and cinematic multimedia projects. Reminds "the City of Angels" soundtrack. This meditation music is good for any relaxing, meditation therapy healing downloda projects.

    Contemplative and dreamy piano track with enveloping and deep sound. The perfect composition for zen and reiki practice, music for meditation videos, water floating, spa procedure, and massage therapy, yoga Nidra, relaxation before bedtime, and painting classes.

    Experience a calm and soothing atmosphere with this ambient music track. Featuring a soft muisc relaxing electric guitar melody, it is peaceful background music for yoga, meditation, studying, reading, writing, working, and anything else you can think of! A very relaxing and tranquil ambient track.

    Features include soothing harps and flute. Ideal for meditation, relaxation, pastoral scenes and all types of alternative healing. Spacey, dreamy, flowing, positive with healing and meditation mood. This beautiful track has pastoral and great for underwater, nature, reiki, space videos, and yoga music. A meditation track with ethereal pads, distant temple synths textures.

    Chill out music great for meditation, yoga, wellness, relaxation, documentaries. Great for slideshows about adventure and travel, discovery channel, any broadcast about the animal planet.

    Royalty free Yoga music

    Pads, Horns, Piano, Flute, ,p3 and dream-like. Everyone knows that using music, as well as other mantras during the yoga flute increases the ability to relax, improves concentration, and provides the right foundation to help declutter the mind. Listening to music for relaxing will help you unlock the power of the therapy.

    There are several styles that fall under the music of music for yoga such as instrumental yoga music, sounds of nature, synthesized space music, and more. If you want to start stretching out, listen to music for yoga during your workouts. Music belongs in the yoga class.

    Playing soothing music during meditative practices is nothing but beneficial. It keeps the mind scurrying back to the mat for more. What happens is that the brain transitions to a place associated with daydreaming. Relxaing part of the brain that activates our sense of self is deactivated for the moment. Participants can connect to download thinking power, so nothing feels impossible.

    Loud pop or rock music can make it hard to concentrate on the yoga practice, not to mention that the students will struggle to hear the teacher. The only option they have is to practice yoga in the comfort of mp3 homes. Clear up some space, set the right mood, and dlute your poses.

    Music for yoga practice has very few things in common with other types of music. The bansuri is just one example. When creating your yoga playlist, avoid songs with too fast of a beat and make sure the theme is positive and fun.

    Royalty Free African Music Background Download MP3

    Holistic mind-body practices such as yoga brings about many advantages in terms of psychological and physical health issues. Music is the perfect accompaniment for yoga meditation. Music for yoga meditation can be instrumental. The vibrations of the tunes penetrate the body and trigger your inner wisdom and inspiration.

    It calms the mind, which is no simple task in the modern world. The instructor will bring the music into the yoga studio. However, if you would like to practice yoga at home, you need a list of inspiring tunes.

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      The Jungle Village is a background music for any visual media that relates to journey, trip, traveling, village, wild animal discovery, forest tour, camping, etc. The track includes Kageyama Taikos drums groove, childer singing, jungle percussion, and bass. The track has an organic tone and a touch of African beat.

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      Calm, atmospheric, and dreamy royalty-free track with sitar and Indian flute instrument Bansuri. Great for travel, geography, documentaries, nature videos, deep meditation, yoga music, soundscapes, spa, meditative backgrounds, and any kind of romantic video where you want a soft ethnic relaxing vibe. Mysterious royalty free meditation music with soulful zen ambiance.

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